Book Boyfriends

Seth Reines

Description: short, sandy blonde curls, amber eyes, quirky.
Quote: "You're the only girl I ever wanted".

Seth is a geeky, quirky guy, who loves the outdoors and camping and knows a lot about wild plants. We love him because he is sensitive, loyal, considerate and will think you are the most beautiful girl even if you are covered in poison ivy and ointment.

Learn more about Seth in the Camp Boyfriend Series by J.K. Rock.

Matt Butler

Description: three-sport standout, hottest guy in school, popular, southern gentleman, geek.
Quote: "I'm starting to figure out what I want for my future. The only problem is that every version includes you".

Matt has a multifaceted personality. He’s the kind of person who has so much to offer if people only bothered to look deeper. We love him because he is passionate, loyal, good, a gentleman, a musician, and he will bring out the best of you.

Learn more about Matt in Camp Boyfriend by J.K. Rock.