Day 6: Battle of the Book Boyfriends: Seth or Matt?

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For today’s part of the read-a-long. We have a guest post from Joanne Rock! I read this the moment I received it from the author, and I found it to be very interesting so I hope you all will like it too! I think it will help you write your mini-challenge post for tomorrow.
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If you have read Camp Boyfriend, I’m pretty sure you have been torn by which guy to choose. Don’t worry. We were too! And now, we’d like to know who you love better. Vote and comment below!

But before we do that, let’s take a look back at these guys, shall we?

Seth: Voted most likely to discover a plant that solves our energy crisis
Matt: Voted most likely to win a Heisman Trophy

Seth Reines
(represented by Fluffy Reader Sandra, mostly)

  • short, sandy blonde curls, amber eyes, quirky.

Reasons why I choose Seth over Matt:
Seth is a geeky, quirky guy, who loves the outdoors and camping and knows a lot about wild plants. I love him. He seems like an interesting guy to be around with. You can learn things and if I have to be honest, I think Seth and Lauren’s personalities just match.

“I’m giving you space so that when you choose me, if you choose me, there won’t be any doubts.”
Seth is giving Lauren some space, so she can decide what she wants. He is so insecure because of Matt and his life experiences, but he is considerate enough to give her the space she needs. I think this is the most adorable thing he could do,  but on the other hand I just feel bad for my little Seth baby and I want to pull him into a hug.

“You’re my first love too. The only girl I’ve ever wanted.”
I think this is so cute. First loves are really tough to forget. Seth and Lauren were always meant to be together. They were both geeky and had shared interests. Lauren would just remember all the wild plants to impress Seth and yes, Seth was definitely impressed with her. 

“I missed him. I missed us.”
Seth seems to be around another girl when he notices Lauren is leaning more towards Matt. Seth doesn’t want to give up on them. He wants them to be together and he notices that he made a mistake by letting her go every year.

“Our First Kiss of Camp. If he still cared about that tradition, he must still care about me.”
Every year, Seth and Lauren would share their first kiss together and Seth still cared about this tradition, despite her having another ‘real’ boyfriend. He was always true to his promises to Lauren, even if that meant sneaking in a telescope to do that. Seth loves her. Seth won’t give up on them. It’s his first love. You just don’t give up on your first love. 

Also let’s be honest. Seth is beautiful. Just, sandy blonde curls. I’m totally for curls. Super cute. And when I heard that the authors would cast Chris Hemsworth as Seth, I understood why I liked him better than Matt. Just Chris. He’s gorgeous.

Matt Butler
(represented by Fluffy Reader Francine)

  • three-sport standout, hottest guy in school, popular, southern gentleman, geek 

Reasons Why I choose Matt over Seth:
“He was more than a pair of shoulder pads.”
Matt has a multifaceted personality. At the start, we only knew him as this popular jock, but later in the book, we find that he is so much more than that. He’s the kind of person who has so much to offer if people only bothered to look deeper. Oh, and it helps that he seems like such a good kisser. (hint: baseball dugout. I think that was the best part. :P)

“Matt had given me a few surprises too, forgiving me when I didn’t necessarily deserve it and fighting for me like I was more than a nerd masquerading in designer clothes.”
“Matt stuck around to face the facts - good or bad.”
Passion and loyalty. I love how he kept on fighting for Lauren. He didn’t even really bother to find someone else. His heart was set on Lauren, even when other girls were throwing themselves at him. And even when Lauren asked for time, he waited while still being there for her when she needed it. He didn’t stop trying to hang out with her. You have to love a guy who is committed to what he wants.

“Matt had been good to me. ...he’d always been considerate with me. A gentleman.”
Good. Considerate. Gentleman. He doesn’t push Lauren to do anything. He doesn’t rush things with her. He pays attention to who she really is. He was supportive and he knew how to show his love with little details. He even paid for that can of skunk spray that she needed even if they weren’t together at the time. He really cared.

“He could really play. Write songs. Compose music.”
A musician. Who doesn’t love a musician? Well, maybe that’s my personal bias, but I love guys who can sing and play musical instruments. Plus Matt writes his own stuff, that shows he's smart and sensitive.

“Matt had a way of getting me to do things I’d never dare on my own.”
Who doesn’t want a person who brings out the better part of you? It’s best to be in a relationship where you help each other grow.

“Matt’s green eyes, dark hair, and retro sideburns were undeniably hot. And the fact that he was all abs and square shoulders didn’t hurt either.”
He’s gorgeous. What more could you ask for? And according to the authors, they would cast Channing Tatum as Matt.

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  1. This is fun to see the guys broken down like this!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Both guys were presented great, but Matt is closer to my heart although the picture of Chris Hemsworth almost made me change my mind :)

  3. I think Seth is really sweet, but I was Team Matt from the beginning!

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog