Book Boyfriend: Étienne St. Clair

Book Boyfriends is a feature here in Fluffy Reads where we share our beloved guys in books.

For today's post, I will be talking about my first ever book boyfriend - Étienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. He is the first British boy I ever fell in love with, and because of him, I've always been on the lookout for more charming British boys. Sadly, there are few in the YA world. Or maybe  haven't read them yet.

Do you know that feeling when you love something or someone so much that you're not even sure you have enough words or thoughts to talk about it? Well, that's kinda like me right now. But I will try my best to make this coherent. I will probably just fill this with lots of quotes. What better way than to show you, right? Don't worry. I won't spoil you. So. Let's get it on, shall we?

Meet Étienne St. Clair, although some of you may have already met him.

Why do I love Étienne St. Clair? Let me count the ways.

"French name, English accent, American school"
"Good hair and an English accent? Everyone's in luuurve with St. Clair."
"St. Clair is just friendly. The whole school likes him.... He's smart and funny and polite. And, yes, ridiculously attractive."
"this English French American Boy Masterpiece"
I just love his accent and Briticisms. I find it adorable, charming, and funny. Especially when he insists that he's American, but can't seem to pull off being one.

Who doesn't want an attractive British guy? Andrew Garfield? Tom Hiddleston? Orlando Bloom? Jamie Dornan? Alex Pettyfer? Freddie Highmore? Skandar Keynes? Mr. Darcy? No? Why not??

Although Étienne is probably in the leagues of Daniel Radcliffe in terms of height. Haha! Well, I don't think he's that short, but pretty short.

Étienne on why Napoleon is his hero: "Not because he was a decent bloke, mind you. He was an arse. But he was a short arse, like meself."

"...he doesn't carry himself like a short guy. Most are shy or defensive, or some messed-up combination of the two, but St. Clair is confident and friendly..."
I like how he doesn't really let it get to him, and how he can even joke about it at times. I'm short too and I know what it's like. But then it's not really as bad for females, is it? And his height works just fine for me. :P
"You know more useless crap, St. Clair. Good thing you're so darn cute."
I love his fascination for history and facts, and how he can just go on and on talking about it. I love people who can be so passionate about something that they turn something that is considered boring into something fascinating. My history professors were like this and they were able to make me appreciate learning about history.

"'I love me mum.' He says this matter-of-factly, with no trace of teenage shame."
I personally like this about him. How he's so honest about something most people might be shy about. He even loves wearing The Hat his mother made for him. The Hat is so notorious it's spelled with capital letters.

He so openly expresses what he feels like how much he hates his father (with good reason, I think).

He also compliments Anna a lot.
"....if you can't tell your best mate what's bothering you, who can you tell?"
"We still hate [spoiler], right? I haven't missed anything?"
I absolutely love this part. Hating someone because your best friend does probably is something childish, but I think he was mostly kidding around. It surely made me smile.

But the first line is definitely the better one. Étienne spent so much time with Anna that they developed a really good friendship. And he is one to take it seriously. He's always there for Anna.

And I love their chemistry. With all their teasing and playful banter, I surely had a lot of laughs.
"Whatever you want. Anything you want."
That's not as dirty as it sounds, right? Because I swear this book is totally clean. Unless you're offended by kissing. But he is pretty much a generous guy and a really good friend. He bought Anna a lot of very thoughtful gifts. And basically he's pretty much willing to do anything despite how crazy it might be.

And might I remind you of our last Simply Sunday's post (SAVE ME - SAVING YOU)

Despite being so charming and attractive, he's definitely not perfect. For one, he's very much afraid of heights. Like green-and-sick-in-the-stomache afraid. And he doesn't always do the right thing. You would probably ask him questions like "WHY?! HOW COULD YOU?!" But I don't really mind people who are  a little flawed. And it shows how much he grew as a character. Or maybe I'm just really defending him because I'm completely smitten. :P

P.S. That's Pierre Boulanger and the pictures link back to their respective sources.

Do you love Étienne St. Clair too? Why? Or why not(is there even an answer to this?)? What are your favorite things about him? Quirks? Quotes? Do you have any other British book boyfriends? Share them. I'd love to meet them.

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