Top Three Tuesdays: When you love a book... (Anna and the French Kiss version)

Fluffy Reader Francine reporting for duty~ These are random things I thought about. So, when you love a book...

1. Mark your favorite parts

Yes, those are a LOT of post-its. I even had to remove some because the book was getting too thick with them. Lol. But I did leave a lot of highlights inside.

2. Buy multiple copies

Yes, those are all mine. Anna and the French Kiss in paperback and hardback in the old covers and paperback in the new cover. Is there any other English edition I haven't gotten yet? :P

3. Recommend it
This is actually how I became really good friend with Fluffy Reader Sandra. I recommended Anna and the French Kiss to her and she loved it so much. We talked so much after. And we shared our love for fluffy reads so much that this blog came to life. Here was our Twitter conversation about Anna (I had to do a lot of digging):
So if you haven't read this, you definitely should. (nudges Valeria)

Draw fan art (or create anything really).

Here's mine. I entitled it "Bananas in Pyjamas". I originally posted it in my personal blog (hence the watermark).

And when you're lucky enough, meet the author and have your books signed.

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  1. I felt your love for the book! <3 I wish I loved it as much as you did. Maybe I can do a reread!