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Hi. I am Francine Soleil, and I'm a fluffy reads addict.

For me, fluffy reads are those books that make you feel all fluffy inside. They make you smile, laugh, swoon. They melt your heart. They make you feel good. They give you happy endings. They give you all the adorableness. They give you something to love. Or whatever they may give. Simply put, they make you fluffy.

I guess it can all be different for people. But my love mostly consists of romantic comedies. They're usually contemporary novels for young adults or adults. These are my guilty pleasures, and I want others to know about these books. I recommend fluffy reads to those who want fun and light reads that make you feel simple wonderful and happy. I want to share my love for all these fluffy reads and anything related to them - book boyfriends, quotes, interviews maybe, or whatever I think is interesting. With the help of Sandra, we will be fangirling and sharing about these awesome books. We can even recommend a couple.

Fluffy Reader Francine reporting for duty.

I also blog at Always Lost in Books for all other kinds of reads.

Hey! I'm Sandra, and I'm a fluffy reads addict.

Not sure how I could describe fluffy reads. Fluffy reads are the books that make you want to swoon. They make you want to shed tears of happiness, but smile at the same time. They make you feel all warm inside, because it is the most adorable thing you ever read. You pick up the book, close your eyes and hug it. And then you secretly wish it was real. To me, that is what a fluffy read is.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the contemporary novels, especially those that contain a lot of love. I sometimes don't even mind if it is cliché or if it's too lovey dovey. Because sometimes, you're just in the mood to read these kind of books. I'd recommend fluffy reads to anyone who is looking for a book with presumably a happy ending and something that would make you feel happy and great.

Francine and I are here to share our love for fluffy reads through interviews, discussion posts and all other great features that would fit under this category. We might possibly even recommend a couple of books.

I also blog at Sandra's World of Books for all other kinds of books.

Hello! I'm Valeria and I'm a fluffy reads addict.

Fluffy reads can be many things to many different people, but for me they are feel good books. Books that make you dream and wish for better things, that leave you with a feeling that everything is possible and that life can and should be wonderful. Books about love and friendship that will leave you wanting more. Books that make you want to live in them. Those kind of reads that warm your heart up.

They will be generally Contemporary YA and NA Romances, but sometimes they may come in different genres. You just never know when you'll find the perfect book boyfriend, to gush over. Since I have the coolest boyfriend in real life, I normally don't fall easily for guys in books, but there are definitely a couple of good ones out there that have stolen my heart away. My boyfriend told me once, he didn't mind me having a ton of book boyfriends, as long as I liked him better, so at least I can have absolute liberty on that front, lol!

Along with Francine and Sandra, I will be Fangirling and sharing my love for this kind of books, that absoluely fuel my love for reading. We may even recommend a couple of two.

I also blog at A Touch of Book Madness for all other kinds of reads.