Sandra's Birthday Giveaway!

Wooo, I know we (actually it's Francine) already did a giveaway for our birthday, but since today is my 18th birthday, I decided to do my own little giveaway on my own blog, Sandra's World of Books, but since I'm awesome, I also wanted to post it here so more people would see it and more people would have a chance at winning these prizes!

The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL so everyone who wants can join can enter this time. It runs until the end of July, so there is enough time to enter! You can check out my own blog for pictures of the prizes.  So good luck to everyone entering and I will email you the winners when I've drawn them. Please no cheating. That would lead into disqualification.

I want to thank Francine and Valeria for being so awesome and being great co-bloggers. I don't think I could ever do this on my own. Having a blog on my own is hard sometimes, as I am super busy, but both Francine and Valeria have been supportive and help me when I am not able to upload anything on Fluffy Reads.

Good luck, 
Fluffy Reader Sandra

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! and thanks for the chance...
    I don´t celebrate much... Just eating some cake jejeje

  2. Happy 18th birthday!!
    I just turned 18 last June 20, too! I didn't have a debut party but still, it was a fun day. We just had a small celebration at home with my whole family, and I am grateful. :)

  3. Happy Birthday, dear! I hope your 18th year is a fantastic one :D

    My birthday was in May (my 21st), and I celebrated by going out to a restaurant. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I'd been hearing amazing things about their food (which is vegan, like me - I just likened myself to food D: ) so I was really excited. Then I came home and watched the Veronica Mars movie because I'd been waiting for that story to end since I was like 15 :D