Series Review: How To by Cassie Mae

How To Date A Nerd (#1) - September 24th, 2013
How To Seduce A Band Geek (#2) - May 6th, 2014
How To Hook A Book Worm (#3) - June, 2015

Published by Swoon Romance

This is the kind of series that just keeps getting better and better with every new book. I mean there are only two out of three published yet, but I definitely enjoyed book 2 the best. It’s because you can truly appreciate how the characters that you’ve met in the previous book have matured and grown over the time that goes between one book and the other. Plus, the issues dealt with in book 2 are much deeper than those in book 1.

How To Date a Nerd is the story of Zoe, a geeky girl who decided to change her whole personality when she started high school in order to avoid all the bullying that hurt her so much in middle school. Sadly, in the process, she lost her best friend and herself. Now she is trying to get both those things back but it’s harder than it seems.

It is funny and witty and the struggles Zoe has to endure are very real. There’s no playing hero, it’s just pure and honest fear and determination. The nerdy boy in the story is Zak, and you’ll be lying if you said you didn’t like him. He’s so freaking loyal, sweet, and he definitely proves chivalry is not dead. Bottom line he is smoking hot.

How To Seduce a Band Geek starts two years from where the first book leaves you and follows the story of Sierra, Zoe’s younger sister. You still get to see Zoe and Zak and how their relationship has progressed, but the main focus is on Sierra and Levi, Zoe’s best friend of whom we get a glimpse on the previous book.

If the first book was funny, this one was hysterical, oh my god I laughed so hard I’m sure my family started to wonder what was wrong with me. The story line was as good and honest as I knew Cassie Mae writes, but, as I already mentioned, the subject matter this book dealt with was much deeper. If book one was about being true to yourself, book two took it to a whole other level; and I loved to see how Sierra managed to handle all that was going on with her life so successfully. It obviously helped she had some great friends to rely on, and that Levi was watching her back, oh sweet Levi. In my opinion he doesn’t beat Zak but he is another to watch out for.

How To Hook a Bookworm, follows the story of Adam and Brea, Sierra’s best friend with Levi’s younger sister. I’m guessing that this one starts two years later from where the previous book leaves you as well. I’m very excited about this one because even if we didn’t get much of an impression of Brea in book two, I did get enough of Adam to love him. He is the best friend anyone can wish for, and I really want him to get his happily ever after. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Bottom line, my favorite thing about this series is that it features very honest characters who deal with real issues teenager have to endure in their everyday lives. It doesn’t sugar coat anything, but Cassie still manages to lighten up the mood with some amusing situations. I loved how the relationships between the characters evolved in every book, and even from one book to the other, and how you could sincerely witness some growth.

This series is as fluffy as it can get, coping with relevant topics, full with important lessons, and overflowing with some swoony romance that will sweep you off your feet and keep you laughing out loud.


Let The Geek in You Shine,
Fluffy Reader Valeria


  1. I read How to Date a Nerd a few weeks ago and I liked it. Although I wouldn't consider it as one of my favorites, I have to admit that I did enjoy Zak in that book. Well, I was a bit annoyed with Zoe and her conceited character that's why I gave it a three star rating, and also why I put How to Seduce a Band Geek on hold. But after reading your review, I think it's time to get back to reading this series again because maybe I'll like book 2 more. :)

    Ella @ The Filipina Booknote

    1. I hope you do. I had a bit of trouble with Zoe too, but Sierra is awesome. Plus I think book 2 is funnier. I hope you enjoy it.